5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Matcha Instead of Coffee

Coffee is one of America's most potent and addictive drugs with over 180 million people needing it everyday for that extra jolt of energy and caffeine. While one cup every once in a while isn't terrible for those who can't seem to go without it there are several negative side effects that are often over looked - especially instant coffee, you know - that artificial murky stuff that comes from the office coffee machine. If you are an excessive coffee drinking here are the 5 big things you need to know. 

Negative Side Effects of Coffee

5 Negative Side Effects of Coffee 

1.) Coffee Produces Hydrochloric Acid

For many Americans Coffee is a morning drink and for those who tend to skip breakfast on the go drinking coffee on an empty stomach is especially harmful. This is because coffee produces hydrochloric acid - which is an acid that the body produces to help digest meals. If you are consuming coffee too frequently your body tends to use up its inventory of HCI making it difficult to produce enough when you end up eating later in the day. This results in protein based foods passing into the small intestine before being fully broken down - and that means problems. Most notable bloating and gas and even more serious and long term repercussions like diverticulitis and colon cancer. 

2.) Coffee Causes Heartburn 

Coffee can lead to acid reflux and heartburn because it relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter - a tiny muscle that should remain closed after you have eaten. Very often contents from your meal may find their way back into your esophagus and burn it with acid. Sugary sodas and energy drinks can have the same effect due to the high amounts of caffeine. 

3.) Coffee as Laxative (but not a good one)

Drinking coffee stimulates peristalsis, or the process in the digestive system that causes you to go to the bathroom. By triggering this process coffee also promotes gastric emptying in which the contents of the stomach pass through the digestive track much more quickly - before the food has been properly broken down. This results in missing out on all the nutrients your body has yet to absorb and it also increases the chances of irritation within your gastrointestinal tract.

4.) Coffee Causes Stress & Tension

Drinking coffee releases hormones in the body - including cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These are the chemicals that help boost energy but also increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and tension - we're talking about that oh so familiar feeling better known as "The Jitters". It may help you get through the afternoon slump at work but the long term stress on your heart is significant. 

Coffee Negative Side Effects Stress

5.) Acrylamide 

Acrylamide is a potentially cancer causing substance that is produced when beans are heated at really high temperatures. Studies have shown an increased source in American diets corresponding with a rising consumption of coffee.

Many people across the world have become so used to their morning cup of coffee it can certainly be a hard habit to break, with many alternatives like energy drinks and sodas being no better than their coffee counterpart. This was a main inspiration for the creators of Matcha Muscle, which offers a all natural, energy boosting alternative to coffee. Matcha Tea, just like coffee has levels of caffeine, however the process of shade growth before harvesting the leaves results in production of even more caffiene and the amino acid L-Theanine. What does that mean you may wonder? Well, it is the combination of these tow chemicals that account for the calm energy and focus people feel from drinking Matcha Muscle Tea. The two balance each other out resulting in sustained energy for up to 3 to 4 hours without the jitters, crash, or any of the harmful side effects of Coffee or energy drinks. 

If you are looking to make the switch and ditch the coffee you can learn more about the nutritional benefits of Matcha Muscle Tea by clicking here for Health Benefits of Matcha Muscle! 

Matcha Health Benefits over Coffee