Matcha Muscle Yogurt


Matcha Muscle Yogurt Recipe

Matcha Muscle is a great morning drink in place of coffee or tea, giving you energy and caffeine without the jitters and crash. What many don't know is that in addition to being a early morning drink our Matcha Muscle can also be added to one of our favorite healthy morning snacks...Yogurt. Now many yogurts are already high in protein so adding Matcha Muscle means a supercharged protein kick. This is one of our favorite recipes due to its simplicity, extraordinary health benefits, and most importantly taste. This recipe is just the basics, so feel free to add bananas, nuts, or different fruit for even more flavor. 


- One serving Match Muscle ( 1 Tablespoons).

- 1 Cup Greek Yogurt.

- 1/2 cup fresh raspberries. 

- 1/2 cup granola ( or walnuts or pecans).


1.) Add Matcha Muscle to Yogurt and stir thoroughly until yogurt is a vibrant green color. Top with raspberries, granola, or nuts and enjoy. It's that simple!