About Matcha Muscle

What Exactly Is Matcha Muscle

Matcha Muscle is an all purpose powder made from premium grade Matcha tea and 100% organic Pea Protein. Simply add two tablespoons Matcha Muscle to water or milk for an all natural alternative to coffee, energy drinks, or chalky protein shakes.

Matcha Muscle is rich in antioxidants, packed with protein, and each cup offers up to 3 to 4 hours of sustained energy and focus without the jitters. It is vegan, gluten, free, and contains no artificial ingredients or additives. 

Our Story

Matcha Muscle Tea was created by Vinny Croglio, a medical student from Lancaster NY and Rick Fickhesen, co-owner of an organic spice company out of Amherst NY. The two high school school friends - and coffee addicts - set out to create a healthy and all natural alternative to coffee and harmful energy drinks. With Vinny's knowledge and experience in the medical and dietary field combined with Ricks experience of marketing consumer products Matcha Muscle was born.