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Health Benefits of Pea Protein 

When developing Matcha Muscle finding the right protein was no small task. After sampling dozens of whey and soy options it became clear many traditional proteins on the market posed health and allergy restrictions. It was then that we shifted focus and discovered the immense power of pea! Pea Protein is a power packed veggie protein source that helps boost energy and aids in improved post workout muscle recovery. Not only that Pea Protein is not a major allergen - making it a safe alternative for people with milk, lactose, and soy allergies. It's vegan friendly, gluten free, and contains no cholesterol.    

Amino Acid Powerhouse 

pea protein health benefits


The true health power of the pea protein found in our Matcha Muscle can be found in the well balanced array of amino acids, including high levels of branched amino acids (BCAA's). Pea Protein is particularly high in Arginine, Lysine, andPhenylalanine - giving it a rich amino acid profile that aids in weight loss and boosts energy. Our Matcha Muscle packs 8 grams of fat free protein in each serving. Drink pre - or post workout or add a cup of Matcha Muscle to your morning routine.