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Made With Organic Matcha 

The production of really good Matcha Tea lies mainly with the farmers who pick, harvest, and carve the leaves. Finding the perfect green tea powder for Matcha Muscle meant sampling from dozens of different regions, manufactures, and harvests across Japan to find Matcha strong enough to accompany pea protein without losing the sought after Matcha flavor tea enthusiasts have come to love. After trying dozens of grades and flavors we found the answer with organic Matcha Tea powder grown in on the tea farms of Uji in Kyoto, Japan. This small city located by the banks of the Uji-gawa River has longed been famed for it's green tea and historic sites.

Matcha can be broken down into several "grades" - meaning categories based on flavor and harvesting methods. Matcha grades do not have anything to do with the health benefits of the tea but instead just effect flavor and freshness. Culinary Grade Matcha is the lowest grade and meant only for cooking while Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the highest quality and most expensive grade available - it is meant primarily for whisking with water for hot teas. Somewhere in the middle is organic matcha - a high quality grade that is both versatile and delicious. Grown in the foothills of Uji, a region perfect for growing tea due it's favorable climate and fresh soil we settled on what we believe to be the best Matcha to accompany our organic pea protein. 

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Quality Ingredients

Matcha Muscle Tea is blended using only premium grade Matcha Tea Powder and 100% organic pea protein - making it the first and finest protein infused Matcha Tea. Now the indicators of good quality Matcha have nothing to do with the nutritional benefits but instead the harvest, color, and taste. The leaves are shaded before being harvested forcing the plant to produce an excess amount of chlorophyll. This is what gives good Matcha its bright and vibrant green color. Leaves picked prematurely often have a yellowish or even brown hue while premium grade Matcha smells and tastes significantly more inviting. The Japanese Premium Grade Matcha used in our original Matcha Muscle blend has a pleasant savory flavor (umami), complimented by an earthy astringent taste. It then finishes with subtle sweetness from the amino acids that leave you with a smooth aftertaste in your mouth.