Matcha Muscle | A Protein Packed Vegan Superfood

Vegan Matcha

As of 2009 only a small percentage of U.S. consumers reported as vegan or vegetarian. In light of several documentaries and journalistic efforts reporting on the often cruel and low standards found in the industrial food market that number has skyrocket in recent years with close to 5% of the American population claiming to now be vegan or vegetarian. 

As food manufactures struggle to keep up with demand vegans continue to face difficulties in finding cruelty free products that provide the daily nutritional benefits necessary for a healthy and active life. Finding vegan friendly sources of energy is not an easy task, especially with the familiar crash that comes with drinking coffee or energy drinks. As more people become vegan so does the popularity of Matcha, quite arguably the most nutrient rich and powerful vegan superfood.

Why is Matcha quickly becoming a favorite for Vegans?

First and most notable, Matcha is plant with no relation to meat or dairy so no worries there. However, unlike other vegan friendly juices or drinks the energy source that is Matcha does not come from sugar but instead powerful amino acids that are produced through shade growth before a harvest - a process unique to Matcha. These powerful compounds, along with the caffeine found in Matcha provide a sustained boost of energy without the crash of sugary drinks or coffee. The nutritional benefits of Matcha goes on from there but to name a few; 

  • Antioxidants

Of course eating veggies translates into a antioxidants in your diet, but no fruit or vegetable even comes close to the antioxidant rich powerhouse that is Matcha. In fact Matcha has more than 6x the antioxidants of the next leading superfood, Goij berries, according to the ORAC testing method. That's 10x more than regular green and the equivalent of 6 servings of most vegetables!

  • Energy

One serving of Matcha can provide up to 3 to 4 hours of all natural energy and focus without the sugar or crash of coffee.

  • All Natural Detoxifier 
Chlorophyll - the element that gives Matcha its vibrant color - is also a powerful detoxifier. It's structure is similar to that of hemoglobin - a molecule responsible for moving oxygen throughout the body.

Matcha Muscle Blend Adds Pea Protein To The Mix

It's no secret that one of the biggest challenges when not eating meat or dairy is finding good sources of protein in your diet. Unique to the Matcha Muscle brand, vegans and vegetarians alike can now incorporate both the nutritional benefits of Matcha into their diets along with vegan friendly protein made from organic peas. In addition to offering Premium and Culinary grade Matcha Muscle Original is a blend of premium Matcha and pea protein. Boasting a hearty dose of 10 grams this Matcha Protein Powder truly is a vegan superfood!

Matcha Pea Protein