Matcha Preparation

The difference in quality and price of Matcha is defined as its "grade". Matcha made from older, more mature leaves is known as "culinary" or kitchen "grade" and is best recommended for cooking or adding to blended drinks. Premium grade, like that in our "Just Matcha", is the highest quality with a richer more full flavor best enjoyed by itself as a hot or chilled tea.

The nutritional benefits of Matcha are the same regardless of the grade. This means you pay for the flavor, not the nutrients. Finding your favorite Matcha match really depends on your taste and on how you like to enjoy Matcha - whether it be in shakes, baked goods or as a hot tea. Scroll on for a complete user guide or explore our growing list of Matcha inspired recipes.

Matcha Muscle Original

Our most popular blend of premium grade matcha and organic pea protein is as versatile as it is healthy. Unlike our "Matcha Culinary" and "Just Matcha" flavors one serving of our signature blend packs 10g of protein per serving. It makes a great addition to any fruit smoothie or shake and can be enjoyed on the go by mixing with water or almond milk. If drinking Matcha is solely for the nutritional benefits this is the blend for you! You can use pre or post workout with just one serving boasting hours of sustained energy. Each bag contains 16 servings

Goes Best With
Shakes, smoothies, milk, almond milk, water, cold pressed juices
Add one tablespoon of Matcha Muscle powder to any blended drink. For everything else we suggest shaking in blender bottle or mixing well with spoon. 
Flavor Profile
Matcha Muscle alone has a very subtle vegetal taste that is generally undetectable when mixed with shakes to smoothies.  

Matcha Culinary

Matcha Culinary Grade

Lightly sweet, our Matcha Culinary has a vibrant vegetal flavor with mild bitter notes in the finish. Never gritty, it has an earthy smell and vibrant green color. While you can use it to make regular hot tea the flavor profile of our Matcha Culinary is best enjoyed as an ingredient mixed with shakes, smoothies, or Matcha based baked goods. You can add it to sugar for a savory sweet dessert topping or mix with lemonade for a refreshing summer drink. Each bag contains 36 servings.

Goes Best With

Shakes, smoothies, baked goods, mixed with sugar for dessert topping. 


Add one teaspoon of Matcha Culinary powder to any blended drink. For everything else we suggest shaking in blender bottle or mixing well with spoon. 

Flavor Profile
Astringent vegetal flavor that is lightly sweet and mildly bitter.  

Just Matcha Premium 

Made from older, more mature leaves our "Just Matcha" premium grade has the highest quality and most distinctive flavor profile. The  Umami (/uˈmɑːmi/), or savory sweet flavor is complimented by a rich and creamy vegetal profile. Best enjoyed as a hot or chilled tea the experience of first trying our "Just Matcha" has been compared to the feeling of trying dark chocolate or red wine for the first time. Each bag contains 24 servings. 
Goes Best With
Traditional hot tea, chilled tea, or lattes. 

Add one teaspoon of Just Matcha powder to the bottom of glass bowl. Press down with a spoon to make a paste then add hot water. You can also use a traditional Matcha whisk.  

Flavor Profile:
Just Matcha has a creamy vegetal flavor with a lingering sweetness.