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Discover a New Grade Of Matcha

Matcha Muscle is an herbal blend of all-natural Japanese Matcha and 100% organic pea protein, a  harmonious marriage with unparalleled nutritional benefits. Boasting 10 grams of protein in each serving Matcha Muscle is rich in antioxidants and contains powerful amino acids, along with caffeine, that help enhance mood and provide hours of sustained energy without the jitters. Simply mix with water or milk or add to any shake or smoothie for a boost of energy, antioxidants, and protein to help you keep calm and stay strong.
Matcha (抹茶)

Matcha (抹茶)

Our Matcha is made using handpicked, shade cultivated tea leaves grown in the famed foothills of Uji, Japan. The leaves are lightly steamed, air dried, de-stemmed and then grounded into a fine powder. As a result of this unique harvesting process our Matcha is rich in antioxidants and provides numerous nutritional benefits ranging from cancer fighting compounds to acting as an all natural detoxifier. It also contains powerful amino acids - like L-theanine - which combined with the caffeine in Matcha offers a sustained calm and focus that has been celebrated in Japan for its spiritual, meditative qualities for centuries.

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Pea Protein is a vegetable based protein known for its well balanced array of branched amino acids, known as BCAA's. As opposed to fatty and bland soy or whey powders Pea Protein makes for a gluten free, vegan, and low carb protein source. Each serving of Matcha Muscle is packed with 10 grams of this allergen free protein making it the ideal pre or post workout drink for everyone. The numerous health benefits of Pea - including decreased risk of kidney disease and it's ability to aid in blood sugar regulation make it a match made in Matcha.

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How Matcha Muscle Makes You Stronger

  • Packed with Catechin

    Not all antioxidants are created equal. Epigallocatechin, or EGCg, is nature's most powerful catechin and is recognized by scientists for it's cancer fighting properties. With over 100x the EGCg of regular tea Matcha Muscle is packed with these organic compounds to help keep you healthy.

  • Rich In Antioxidants

    Our Muscle Matcha has 5x the antioxidants of the next leading superfood - that's 9x the beta carotene of spinach and the highest rated by the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) method. Antioxidants fight damaging oxidizing agents produced by the body and just one cup of Matcha Muscle contains more antioxidants than 5 servings of veggies!

  • Improves Calm and Focus

    Used by Daoist Monks and Japanese Buddhists for centuries Matcha Tea induces relaxation and focus without the nasty side effects of most "downers". Containing the amino acid L-Theanine, which produces dopamine and serotonin, Matcha Muscle also enhances mood and improves memory.

  • Detoxifying Power

    Before harvesting Camellia Sinensis - the species of evergreen used to produce our Matcha Muscle - the shrubs are protected from sunlight for three weeks to boost high levels of chlorophyll. This process yields all natural detoxifying power capable of removing heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body.

  • Calorie Burning Caffeine

    With almost double the caffeine of regular steeped tea leaves Matcha Muscle helps the body burn fat by providing hours of sustained energy. With substantial quantities of vitamins, iron, and protein you can avoid that familiar coffee crash.

  • Packed with Protein

    By combining the all natural health benefits of Matcha with 10 grams of 100% organic pea protein per serving Matcha Muscle Tea is designed to help recovery time in the gym and rebuild your muscles to help keep you strong.


How much Matcha Muscle should I have each day?

In Japan it is customary to drink Matcha Tea throughout the day during exercise, relaxation, or as a drink with food. Matcha Muscle is no different and while just one serving can provide up to 3 to 4 hours of focus and energy - you can have as many servings per day as you would like. Unlike coffee or genetically engineered workout supplements there's no crash or negative side effects.

Why use Pea Protein?

Pea Protein is a vegan, gluten free, and low carb alternative to other ( often heavily processed and genetically engineered ) soy or whey proteins. With high quantities of amino acids like l-arginine pea protein is known for it's ability to help regulate blood sugar, lower high blood pressure and aid in weight loss. It has a great amino acid profile compared to other more popular proteins, including a lot of the branched-chain amino acids that are well-known for decreasing muscle breakdown after workouts.

How do I prepare it?

Matcha Muscle is as versatile as it is healthy and can be used to make hot teas, lattes, shakes, and even food. For most daily Matcha users preparation is extremely simple. Mix one tablespoon Matcha Muscle with hot/cold water and stir. Or add to milk in a protein shaker for a pre or post workout meal replacement. You can find more awesomly delicous drink and food recipes on our Matcha Muscle recipe blog located in the in the main menu bar above.

What does Matcha Muscle taste like?

There are lots of ways to prepare Matcha Muscle that will effect the overall taste - but when mixed with just water the result is a full bodied, creamy vegetal flavor. It has a fresh, natural smell with a unique astringent taste followed by a lingering sweet finish.

What's the difference between green tea and matcha?

Matcha comes from the same plant that all true teas come from - camellia sinensis - but because the process, growth style, harvest, and production style are markedly different from those of other green teas Matcha is considerably more expensive on a ounce for ounce comparison. One cup of Matcha Muscle has 10x the antioxidants and nutritional benefits of a regular cup of green tea even though the serving size is smaller than a tea bag - it's basically a lot more packed into a lot less!

Does it have caffeine in it?

Yes. One serving of Matcha has close to double the caffeine of steeped tea leaves. However, through the process of shading the leaves before harvest powerful amino acids are also produced, resulting in sustained energy and focus without the jitters of coffee or energy drinks. This slow release of caffeine, unique to Matcha, can also help boost metabolism and aid in regulating blood sugar.