Meditation, Mindfulness, and Matcha

Matcha and Meditation

In a tradition that dates back over 1,000 years the preparation and consumption of Matcha has long been used by Zen Buddhists to help achieve a state of mindful meditation, a practice that today is easily lost in the fast paced environment of modern day life. While the ritual of mindful meditation has a large impact on our physical health, the ability to greet each day with acceptance and calm can play an even bigger role in finding emotional and mental well being.

A key competent found in Matcha, L-theanine, produces a high state of calm alertness which is exactly why so many are now incorperating a cup into their own personal ritual of mindful mediation. While the time for self reflection and mediation may be anytime throughout the day - early in the morning before the sun rises or perhaps as it sets on a clear night, here are some best practices for achieving mindful mediation in your daily routine. 

  • A freshly brewed cup of Matcha, best served chilled in the Summer or hot in the Fall or Winter seasons.
  • Find a comfortable place where you can think. Whether it be the comfort of your home or in a public space be somewhere that you feel safe, calm, and worry free.
  • In a digital world where we are all a text, notification, or call away from life it's important to turn off your phone or any electronic devices.
  • Take 10 minutes to reflect and just concentrate on yourself. 

Just relax and focus on whatever is around you, letting your mind take you away from stress and worry. Take in the aroma of your Matcha and begin to connect with your senses - the smells and sounds around you, the movements of your body like the slow inhale and exhale of breath that takes place everyday but you are only able to truly appreciate in a place of solitude. Spend the next 10 minutes in your senses and movements without investing in them in any emotional capacity. When your time is over take a brief moment of gratitude for the time you have dedicated to yourself and your own spiritual health. You are now ready to ease into your day with a mental clarity and sustained energy provided by your cup of Matcha. 

That's it! While it may not seem simple the benefits can be far reaching and have an impact on how you approach each and every day. We suggest trying this for at least a week, and through the process discovering your own ritual unique to you and your own personal state of mindful mediation. Explore our complete Matcha Muscle Collection