The Science Behind Matcha Energy

You may have heard that Matcha boosts your energy and can help you stay focused throughout the day. And if you've ever stumbled across any blog posts about Matcha - like this one - you know Buddhists Monks have been using it for centuries to help them enhance mindful and meditative practices. While both claims are certainly true, if you are still asking yourself how does this magical green powder give me energy and help me focus here's the science behind Matcha and it's effect on the brain. 

The unique and distinctive mental health benefits that come from Matcha start with the cultivation of the green plants that make up Matcha powder. The amino acid in Matcha leaves, Theanine, increases the concentration of chlorophyll in the leaf. Similar to all plants Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight and turns it into energy and farmers use a simple trick to enhance the relationship between chlorophyll and Theanine by shading the tea leaves with a cloth about a month before harvest. This process of shade growth amplifies the Theanine in the leaves, making it packed with this powerful amino acid.

When you consume Matcha you ingest the entire Theanine rich tea leaves. It passes through your small intestine, then into your bloodstream, until it reaches its final destination in the brain. Billions of nerve cells in your brain are working constantly to communicate with each other, and when with electrical pulses fire in unison with the help of Theanine they produce Alpha brain waves. These Alpha waves, working simultaneously with each other, are what account for the calm sense of energy and alertness found in Matcha. Think of it as a stadium full of people listening to a concert, and when the chorus comes they all begin to sing in unison with each other.  

Alpha waves put your brain in a relaxed, yet calm state of mind. This is natural flow of energy in the brain has made Matcha an essential component for meditation and self reflection. Matcha still contains caffeine, making it a great alternative to coffee or sugar as the Alpha Waves counteract the harsh crash of other products. 

So go ahead, take off the stress and reward your brain with Theanine rich Matcha in your drinks, teas, or food with our complete collection of Matcha Muscle varieties