Matcha | How To Cold Brew

Matcha is as versatile as it is healthy with people using the green tea powder traditionally as a hot tea or to create flavorful desserts and dishes in their cooking. While Matcha mania continues to spread in lattes and blended shakes one of its most under rated and deliciously simple uses is the Matcha Cold Brew.

Cold-Brew Vs Iced 

Iced Matcha, much like iced coffee, requires brewing the Matcha hot and serving over ice after a long period of cooling. Unlike coffee however Matcha Cold-Brew is just as flavorful as its iced counterpart and a whole lot quicker to make. 

How To Cold-Brew Matcha

To make cold-brewed Matcha the formula is surprisingly simple. Add one serving of Matcha - we recommend our premium grade Just Matcha - to a bottle of cold water, the colder the better.  Shake and serve, it's that simple! We also recommend the familiar blender bottle or you can stir in a glass as well. Because you do not steep Matcha tea like regular tea leaves the flavor is instantaneous and delicious.

While the aroma of hot Matcha is certainly appealing the taste is almost identical, making Matcha cold-brew a favorite of ours on warm summer days! 

How To Make Matcha Cold Brew