Matcha Mint Tea

Simply put Mint is a match made in Matcha and nothing might taste as fresh as these two unlikely ingredients mixed together. Made with our premium grade Just Matcha this refreshing summertime cocktail is rich in flavor and too tasty to be as healthy. 

Matcha Mint Tea Recipe

Matcha Mint Tea Recipe


- 2 teaspoons Just Matcha 
- 5 to 8 mint leaves 
- 2 cups filtered water
- 1 lime
- Ice


1.) Bring water to a boil. Add to a bowl and whisk in Just Matcha powder until dissolved completely. Place in fridge and let chill for one hour.

2.) Squeeze lime juice into a a cocktail shaker. Add chilled Matcha Tea and mint. Shake well and then add with ice. 

Matcha Mint Tea Recipe